Patient Education: Using a Rolling Machine



Trying to roll your cannabis using rolling papers can be challenging – especially for beginners. Even if you have friends who can do this quickly, it’s something that does take practice and skill. 

If you want to bypass the process of learning how to do this, there is a solution – use a rolling machine. This machine will help you with the rolling process, but you must learn how to use it effectively first.

Get Ready 

Before you start using a rolling machine, you must do a few things. If you prepare, it will improve the experience and results. 

Look for Visual Moisture on Your Cannabis

Cannabis burns differently when it is rolled then in a pipe or bong. A product that burns well in glass may not be ideal for rolling. 

Buds need to be crisp when you touch them. The small branches should snap off with minimal effort when you bend them. It won’t provide a consistent or smooth burn if the stems bend without breaking or if the bud feels wet or damp when you press it between your fingers. 

Gather the Needed Tools

While you need the rolling machine (obviously), some other tools and accessories are needed for this process. Be sure to get everything before you get started to make the process easier. 

Some of the items you should have include the following:

  • Rolling machine
  • Rolling paper 
  • Cannabis 
  • Filter
  • Scissors
  • Rolling tray
  • Grinder

Clean Your Rolling Machine 

Even if you haven’t used the joint roller for a while, there may be dust, fuzz, and other contaminants that can interfere with the taste and smoothness of the cannabis and the proper functioning of the machine. Since the machine works under pressure, even having a small piece out of the proper place can cause issues. Be sure to clean it before you get started. 

Using the Cannabis Roller

After collecting the needed items, get a tray, or somewhere you can use the machine without making too big of a mess. When you are ready, use these steps to use the rolling machine:

  • Finely grind the cannabis. 
  • Open the rolling machine and slide it up and then over. There are grooves for the pegs to go through both sides of the machine. Once unlocked, rub your finger on the center to ensure sufficient space for the cannabis. 
  • Put the cannabis on just one side of your rollers; if you use filters, the space at the end will be where you put it.
  • Roll the machine.
  • After a few seconds, insert the rolling paper between the two rolls with the sticky end facing up. Turn it a half-turn, lick the end of the paper, and then turn it another half-turn. 

Getting it Right

Just like rolling by hand, using a rolling machine will take some practice to get right. You will find that once you learn how to use it, the rolling machine is a faster and more efficient way to get your cannabis ready to smoke.

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