How To Pack A Pre-Roll For The Ultimate Smoking Experience

How To Pack A Pre-Roll For The Ultimate Smoking Experience

If you want to smoke cannabis but rolling a joint isn't your forte, you'll be relieved to know you have options that will make it much more manageable. Today, you don't have to be an expert joint roller to experience the benefits of smoking high-quality weed. Packing a pre-roll cone is one option for pulling out the old rolling papers. In as few as three simple steps, you will enjoy the convenience of an even smoke that burns all of your cannabis without burning your fingers. Here's how to pack a pre-roll step by step.

What You Will Need To Get Started

  • Rolling Tray or Clean Surface
  • Cannabis from your local dispensary
  • Cones
  • Grinder (optional)
  • Packing tube from cone pack/ something to use for packing
  • Lighter

1)Prepare Your Cannabis For Packing The Pre-Roll

Your cannabis will need to be broken down to pack into the pre-roll. If you have a grinder, you can use it; if not, you can manually break down the weed with your fingers. Break down the cannabis buds to a fluffy, semi-leafy consistency by using your grinder or fingers to filter out the stems and any stiff parts that could damage the delicate pre-rolled paper.

Tip: You can use as much or as little cannabis as you want for this process; keep in mind when shopping that pre-roll cones come in various sizes.

2) Pack The Pre-Roll

Pre-roll cones usually come with a small plastic tube that helps them keep their shape. This tube can evenly pack the cones as you fill it. If you don't have a plastic tube, use a chopstick, pencil, or similar item that will work the same way. By packing the pre-roll cone, you will fill any gaps or unfilled portions of the paper which would otherwise cause it to burn improperly. To ensure your pre-roll is packed evenly, start by adding small amounts of cannabis to the bottom of the cone and pack it down before adding another layer. Don't pack it so tightly that air can not pass through, or it will not burn evenly.

Tip: Fill the pre-roll as high as you'd like, but always leave around a quarter of an inch free at the top.

3) Finish With A Twist

The pre-roll should be the widest at the top and be left empty so the cone can be sealed. Twist this cone portion between your thumb and finger in one direction until it is tightly rolled. Make sure you twist the cone tightly enough to pack it, with the tip forming a wick-like shape. The wick should be poking out of the top and ready for you to light.

What To Avoid When Packing A Pre-Roll

  • Do not over-grind your cannabis. The too-fine product makes it more difficult for the cone to ventilate and pass smoke and air through for inhalation. If the cannabis is ground too fine, your joint will likely go out frequently.
  • An improperly packed base leads to troublesome smoke. If a gap exists in the bottom of the pre-roll cone, your joint will lack stability and fail to remain intact while you smoke it.

Final Thoughts

Pre-rolled cones are convenient and easy for anyone to pack and smoke cannabis. Following these tips will ensure you experience an even smoke in every roll.

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