About Us

Let's get to know each other a little bit, shall we?

We are CannaBliss Clouds, the nation’s leading online smoke shop based in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. 

As a husband-and-wife team we created CannaBliss with a mission of making quality devices and accessories available to everyone – no matter where they are located. We hold the integrity of our products in the highest regard.

To this day, we remain a two-person operation that is both Veteran and Woman led. CannaBliss Clouds is more than just a shop to us; it is our life, our dream, and our happiness.

We could not do it without you – our customers. We recognize this, and that is why we promise 100% satisfaction with all of your orders. Let us help set the vibe from the start!

We have been working tirelessly since launching online in 2015 to bring the best quality, variety, and pricing to one place. 

Long passed are the days of smoking from apples or soda cans - and we don't miss it!

One of the best parts is you never have to leave your house!


Warmest Regards,

CannaBliss Clouds 



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