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iMini Battery

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The new iMini vape battery is compact but can pack a punch with variable voltage options ( Low/Green Light- 3.4V,  Medium/Blue light-3.7V, and High/Red light-4.0V) and a pre-heat feature for any thicker oils! The iMini is compatible with any 510 thread cartridges and is perfect for any on the go concentrate users.

The iMini vape battery is very user friendly and operates like most cartridge batteries.

1. Take your favorite 510 thread cartridge and screw it into the battery in a clockwise direction. Make sure you don't over tighten it accidentally 
2. To turn it on click the button five consecutive times and to turn it off, click the button five times again! Easy peasy!
3. Once the iMini battery is on, click the button three times to change the power level. You can tell which power level you're using by the the color of the LED light- green is low, blue is medium, and red is high level.
4. Once the power level is selected, press and hold the power button, inhale deeply, and enjoy the monster clouds!

Preheat Mode:
The preheat mode is super helpful with ultra thick cartridge oils or living in cold weather conditions. To pre-heat mode will gently warm your cartridge on the for eight seconds. To start pre-heat, push the power button twice at any power level.

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