Understanding the Different Vaporizer Options

Are you new to the world of vaping and vapes? If so, knowing what you want when looking at all the vaporizer options can be challenging. After all, if you are not sure how the different options work or what they offer, how can you choose one?

It is important to note that vapes are not a one-size-fits-all solution. This is one of the reasons you have so many options. If you want to pick the right vape for your needs, the first step is to learn what is available. Keep reading to learn about the most popular vaporizer options available. 

The Desktop Vaporizer 

While desktop vapes are not as popular as the portable options, they are more memorable. These vaporizers have unique designs and often look like a miniature version of a high-tech tower. Usually, these come with a bag that inflates with vapor or a tube that vapor is sucked out of. If you move these around, you will see they are much heavier than the portable options. 

When it comes to desktop vapes, the most appealing benefit is power. You do not have to worry about these losing power like the portable options because they plug into the wall. When you use them, you get a more powerful hit than what is offered with a portable vape. 

Vape Pen

The more popular option is the vape pen. Part of this popularity stems from the fact that these are portable. While bubblers and pipes are portable, you may break the glass and get some odd looks if you try to use it in public. 

With a vape pen, you do not have any of these concerns. Modern options are durable and accepted in public. After all, they look just like a traditional e-cigarette. The basic options are affordable; however, you can spend as much as you want because there are higher quality options you can choose from. 

Portable Vape

Even though vape pens are portable, a device that is labeled as a portable vape is much more durable and produces better results. Instead of looking like a pen, these have a boxier and heavier shape. 

A benefit of portable vapes is the refillable cartridges they are designed with. This means you have a chamber where you can put your concentrate or herb directly. With a vape pen, you are usually dealing with disposable cartridges. 

Portable vapes are also more discreet than vape pens. The only downside to this is that they can be a bit more expensive. 

What Vape Option Is Right for You?

With the information here, you should have a good idea of the type of vaporizer you would like to use. Remember, there is no “right” option, and everyone will have their personal preferences. By learning about the options, you can decide based on what you like and what you prefer. Just remember, finding a quality supplier is key to get the desired results from the vaporizer you ultimately choose.
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