Three Signs Marijuana Is Big Now

Today is the cannabis and marijuana age.

Why do we say that? Because the market is emerging, and broadening quickly. This is a product of its time, and it's an exciting opportunity to get involved in something new.

Here are some of the most clear signs that cannabis is now an ascendant part of our consumer goods market, and a product that's going to have its own established place in the near future.

Local Businesses

In many American communities, residents have been seeing new dispensaries pop up in local neighborhoods. Maybe a restaurant or an auto dealership goes out of business, and the dispensary moves in.

These are a new kind of business. In most U.S. states, marijuana dispensaries were never something you would see on a zoning docket. Local municipalities are considering these new uses in different ways, but what the dispensary boom shows you is that the cannabis and marijuana markets are growing quickly.

Cannabis and Marijuana Stocks

You can also see evidence of this booming market in stock exchange activity.

Leaders like CGC and Tilray are household names, but that's not the whole picture. Smaller hemp producers and cannabis and marijuana companies are also being publicly traded, and mixed and blended into ETFs and other financial products.

People who like to be ahead of the curve on new opportunities are keen to get involved in these types of stocks, to get in on the ground floor and be some of the earliest adopters reaping big financial benefits from investment in these new markets for a natural plant.

E-commerce Upping Its Game

Then you have your e-commerce shops that offer a little bit of everything, including edibles, topicals and more. E-commerce shops are shipping all kinds of cannabis and marijuana products – gummies, oils, tinctures, teas, gels, bath bombs, lotions etc.

Another sign that the marijuana business is getting big is that e-commerce shops are getting more sophisticated with what they're delivering to consumers.

Check out our website and you'll see some of this excellent adaptation and market innovation on display. We are the 21st century smoke shop for the discerning cannabis and marijuana customer. We know the business, and we know the market, because we've been doing this since before the market got big. Take a look at our cannabis wares, because we expect to be a significant part of this amazing new market for years to come. 

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