Natural Cannabis Vaping and Your Health

There's a blizzard of information out there right now about the safety of cannabis smoking and vaping. Some of it is abundantly confusing. People will tell you scary stories, anecdotal information, and sometimes, stuff that is just plain wrong. There's also the traditional stigma around cannabis and people's hidden agendas one way or the other. 

However, if you make some common-sense clarifications, you get a whole lot closer to the answer of what kind of cannabis use is safest and healthiest for you. That can really help you to feel empowered in the "age of misinformation," when it often seems you have more questions than answers. 

Follow these three rules, and you'll have a better chance of safely using natural cannabis and protecting your health for the long haul.

High-Quality Ingredients

The best quality cannabis oils are healthier to consume then the dry plant itself, generally, if you're comparing smoking to vaping. At least, that's a broad scientific consensus, although you should always ask your doctor about anything related to health. 

Scientists believe that smoking releases more of the tar and byproducts that can harm your lungs than vaping a natural substance. By contrast, vaping natural marijuana can be much healthier. That's especially true if the cannabis that you use is not contaminated by pesticides or other chemical ingredients. That involves how the cannabis oil is sourced, so you have to trust your supplier to do things right. 

Natural Cannabis and Cartridges

Some people get scared off from all cannabis vaping because they have heard about popcorn lung. It's a dangerous condition. 

The important thing to note here is that there's a specific chemical that causes popcorn lung – diacetyl – so it's critically important to keep this out of your cannabis vaping supply!

With that in mind, your vaping regimen can be relatively safe, as long as you do the right research and make proper decisions about where you source your cartridges and oils.

Good Accessories: Getting the Right Stuff to Support Your Cannabis Routine

An additional safety standard is to use the best quality accessories and gear for your cannabis routine.

Basically, not all factory-made products are up to the same essential standards, and inferior products can contain some nasty and dangerous contaminants. Some of these may enter your lungs as you burn off oils.

At Cannabliss Vape Co., we offer high-quality products to help you to micromanage your cannabis needs so that you feel safe and confident about what you're using and comfortable with continuing your habit long-term. Any questions? Ask us!

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