How Vaporizing Cannabis is Steaming Up the Marijuana Market

How Vaporizing Cannabis is Steaming Up the Marijuana Market

The cannabis industry is flying to new heights as states open doors once closed to the legal mass production of the plant. As this market explodes, methods of delivering cannabis to consumers for consumption are becoming more advanced.  Cannabis vaporization is rapidly becoming one of the most popular delivery methods among a growing segment of society that desire a healthier alternative to the traditional smoking of the plant.

As both flower and concentrates of the cannabis plant can be vaporized, this process is popular among those prefer to consume one over the other.  Smoking of the flower of the cannabis plant can release tar and carcinogens that are created during the combustion, or burning, of the flower.  Vaping cannabis offers a healthier alternative to traditional smoking methods as it creates a phase transition from liquid to vapor.

Not only does the use of vaporizers provide a healthier delivery system, but they also allow for discreet and easy use as the cannabis vapor creates a less potent aroma than that of smoke.  Portable vaporizers are simple to operate and fit easily into pockets and purses, making them a popular form of delivery.

The vaporization of cannabis involves heating the flower or concentrates to a temperature that turns the active compounds of terpenes and cannabinoids into vapor.  Vapor is reached at lower temperatures that do not allow the flower to combust, keeping any harmful elements from the consumer.

Compared to smoking cannabis, vaping increases the amount of bi-products that are activated, rather than sending them up in smoke.  These bi-products contain many health benefits for medical marijuana patients that are delivered in vaporization with less risk than that involved with the inhalation of smoke.

As expected with so many positive aspects of the vaping of cannabis, the market for vaporizing mechanisms is bursting with methods by which people are consuming cannabis.  Three of the most popular devices are portable vaporizers, tabletop vaporizers, and vape pens.

Portable devices include a holding chamber, which holds the flower or cannabis concentrate, a heating element, and a battery.  Tabletop devices operate in much the same manner yet they require a solid surface on which to sit.  Vape pens are designed specifically to vaporize cannabis distillates and oils using a cartridge and a battery.  Cannabis producers can decide the best delivery system for their product by consulting with CannaBliss Vape Co. where they can choose from a variety of quality vaporization devices. 

As consumers become more aware of delivery options cannabis, vaporization devices will increase in popularity as the ease of this method makes it useable for anyone.  Vaping cannabis flowers and oils is poised to become part of the mainstream society, giving way to new innovations in delivery methods and increased health benefits. 

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