Health and Safety Benefits of Vaping Cannabis

Health and Safety Benefits of Vaping Cannabis

The health benefits offered by vaping cannabis, at this point, shouldn’t be much of a surprise. It’s clearly a better option than smoking. However, did you know that the benefits of vaping cannabis also pertain to the environment and safety?

Here you can learn about some of the biggest benefits of vaping cannabis, from all angels, not just your personal health.

Reduces Your Consumption of Toxins and Tar

Before you point your finger at all the “bad press” out there about vaporizers and digital pens, there’s something that is worth pointing out:

  • All the current research available is strictly focused on vaping tobacco.

However, the findings are still pretty impressive. For example, consider the fact that if all smokers switched to vaping their tobacco, rather than smoking it, it would add 3.3 million years (collectively) to their lives. This is only possible due to the heating method that is used when you vape, which moves away (almost totally) from combustion, which reduces the more than 7,000 substances that would otherwise be entering your body.

The same is true for vaping cannabis. Vaping means that fewer tars and toxins will enter your cardiopulmonary system, which is going to reduce the possibility of a coughing fit and severe cases of cancer or bronchitis.

No Use of Open Flames, Glass, or Plastics

Virtually everyone has seen the anti-big tobacco where someone falls asleep while still holding a smoldering cigarette before it drops to the floor and starts a fire. There’s really no reason to risk it.

With vaping there is no combustion of any type of flammable material because it used heating elements through an electric cord, cable, battery, or charger. Even better, you don’t need expensive bongs, ashtrays, lighters, or any other type of equipment, either.

Discreet Use and Smell

Cannabis has an extremely distinct smell. While most people don’t mind it, there are many who would prefer not to be around it.

Regardless of if you are at work, where there are strict policies, or if you want to be respectful to people nearby, with vaping you can medicate in a discreet manner. When you vaporize cannabis, you have something that is virtually odorless and with the modern, digital vape pens that can hide away in your pocket, you can take it with you, without anyone even being aware of it.

A Higher Cannabis Level Per Dose

If you are unfamiliar, vapor isn’t the same thing as smoke. It is much richer in terpenoids and cannabinoids, and it is free from combustion toxins and tars. This means you receive a cannabis experience that is much purer than if you were to just smoke it.

As you can see, there are more than a few benefits offered by vaping rather than smoking your cannabis. Be sure you find a quality vape pen to enhance your experience and get all the benefits from this product that you can. With vaping, you can enhance your vaping experience even more.

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