Get in the Game with White Label for Cannabis

“Put me in, coach…” – who sang that song? Never mind, it doesn't matter. The reality is that every company wants to be put into the game – wants to get that call instead of sitting on the bench.

But who puts you into the game? It's the customers.

Kevin Costner used to say “if you build it, they will come,” but business isn't always really like that. It's more like you need to build it, then promote it, then promote it some more. In fact, in the digital age, you could add the need for high-powered marketing campaigns and benchmark analysis to make sure you're doing all you can to promote your business to get people in the door. It’s all very exhausting, but that’s often what it takes to stand out in your field. Ecommerce has become easier and everyone is doing it. There are certain types of market saturation that are unfortunate realities when it comes to getting visibility and getting your voice heard as an online merchant. 

The Appeal of White Label Services

In this context, white label services have emerged as a game changer for businesses that want to stay competitive and stand above the crowd. You might be doing very well on the supply side: in fact, you might even have a relationship with some hemp grower, or a way to get above-standard oils, but unless you have adequate distribution through an ecommerce footprint, you’re still not in the driver’s seat entirely. 

White label means that a third party company will supply the products and put your name on them.

Think of it as B2B customization.

At Cannabliss Vape Co., we offer this for the burgeoning cannabis and vaping industry. It’s an exciting field, at an exciting time. There’s demand – it’s just that it’s now a broad new market. 

Some Examples

Suppose you want to sell cannabis cartridges and vaping gear or accessories like dab torches or hookahs.

You want your brand to be prominent, so that you get the visibility from each sale. You don't, however, want to build your own lab to make everything from scratch. Again, there’s an exhaustion that sets in, as you wonder HOW to get all of the visibility that you need, how to source everything that will make your business effective. 

We provide that connective tissue in your business processes. Get white label solutions that are entirely effective with Cannabliss Vape Co., where we truly support our clients. We listen, and we provide! 

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