CBD Jars and Packaging

What do you keep your CBD in?

It's a good question, because better storage leads to better shelf life and longevity for products. Better storage also adds convenience, and helps you to know where your products are at any given time. Having a great kit, including storage materials, is definitely a best practice for making the most of what you buy.

On our website, we make it a priority to sell all sorts of excellent containers and bottles that can be used for your white-label efforts and storage strategies for CBD products.

Bottles with Droppers

Some of our most popular container products involve glass bottles with plastic droppers. These are useful in order to parcel out oils or tinctures or other liquids when it’s time to use your CBD, whether it’s in a diffuser, topical treatment, or anything else. 

Here, as in other types of packaging, quality is paramount. The droppers need to be durable, and they need to be made of quality materials so that they will last over the long term. They need to fit the glass bottle correctly, and they need to be made to resist varying temperatures and humidity. All of this goes into designing superior containers for your CBD items. 

Humidity Packs

We also offer various types of humidity packs that can seal in products from moist outside air. These products are fairly simple, but again, quality matters. Having excellent sealing lines and a good fit ensures that your humidity packs will work the way that they were intended to. We also have mylar bags available for other similar uses, in various shapes and sizes that will fit your needs. 

Child-Proof Plastic Pill Containers

Some DIY people keep natural products in old pill bottles. We have the same designs, but these are brand-new containers that you can reuse for a long time with appropriate child safety locking features. There’s also no risk of cross-contamination, like you might get if you’re sloppy with re-using old pharma pill bottles

5mm Plastic Jars

This is another popular item – transparent plastic with a screw-on lid. These are stackable and portable containers, and easy ways to take a bit of CBD or hemp along with you wherever you go.

This is just part of our massive catalog, but check it out online. We have resources and information for your CBD routine, and easy shipping and delivery for the products you’ll want to add to your CBD toolkit. We do this for our customers! Let us help you to gear up for CBD enjoyment. 

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