Arizona Medical Marijuana Cards Go Digital

Congratulations to the Arizona MMJ patients! Arizona medical marijuana cards will be available online for the first time ever come December 2019. 

Check out the article at by Sarah Parfitt

 Arizona medical marijuana cards will only be issued in digital form starting Dec. 1, 2019. Medical marijuana patients will receive an email containing a PDF of their card instead of a physical card in the mail.

The Arizona Department of Health Services’ Medical Marijuana Division said, “AZDHS will email patients of the change to how cards are issued” and “information will be available to follow up with the new process. The website will be updated with information soon.”

This new process makes things easier for patients because they won’t have to carry a physical card with them anymore. Instead, they only need to have access to their digital card via their email or a screenshot of the digital card.

If patients prefer having a physical card, they can simply print the digital card and keep it with them.

“This new process is making it easier for patients to update or change information when necessary too,” said the AZDHS. “The digital cards can be accessed from a cell phone, laptop or any other digital device with Internet access.”

The AZDHS will be sending digital medical marijuana cards from the email address:

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