Why Use Luer Lock Syringes?

Why Use Luer Lock Syringes?

In addition to our cartridge designs, at CannaBliss Vape Company, we have a lot of other useful and fun cannabis accessories that you might be interested in if you’re building your own customized cannabis toolkit.

One of these products is the luer lock syringe – a small but precise syringe design that will help with dispensing and feeding. This is a must-have for your kit if you’re going to be measuring those heavy oils regularly.

Precision in Dispensing

Lots of people consider the liquid cartridge to be one of the cleaner ways of enjoying cannabis. In fact, to some, it's the cleanest way of all. But using liquid cannabis products this way also requires a good deal of precision.

People who are used to using actual plants are accustomed to just breaking off pieces and rolling or mashing or breaking them into useful amounts. That’s the old way – and in some ways, it’s a hard habit to break. Many think of cannabis as “weed” or a physical ground up herb – but that doesn’t really give you the whole picture of what cannabis use is like these days, as our cartridge aficionados already know quite well.

The process for cannabis oil cartridge use is different. This stuff is potent, and it requires precision.

Cartridge users understand that a measurement that's a little off can make a big difference in terms of your experience and daily routine. That's why these luer lock syringes are a good addition to your toolkit.

With 1 mm and partial millimeter markings, the luer lock syringe helps you to plan your dispensing in an exact way.

What It’s Made Of

Our luer lock syringe products are made with food-grade boro-silicate to make them safe for containing the liquid oils. Rubber tips are also standard – just like quality medical syringes, these rubber tip designs provide effective sealing and safety for long-term use.

Custom Colors and Designs

When you browse our catalog, you'll see that at CannaBliss Vape Company, we also put a lot of emphasis on building an attractive set of accessories. Our Pokémon-style dabbers and Rubber Duck carbon caps and other gear are intended to make your cannabis experience more fun and rewarding. So we offer custom colors for our luer lock syringes as well – to give our customers more choice.

Take a look at the entire catalog to see what you can get for your daily cannabis regimen. This isn’t your dad’s cannabis catalog! It reflects the changes that have happened as the use of this natural substance has become more diverse, more familiar to many, and more safe. Bookmark our site, because we are going to become one of the biggest cannabis shops around.
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