What piece is right for me?

For those new to the cannabis community it can be overwhelming when deciding what to put your hard-earned money into. You want the smoothest hit, quality function, and of course - for it to look absolutely beautiful - like you! In this post, we will go over some of the different types or rigs, bongs, bubblers, and pipes so that you have the knowledge to confidently make your purchase. We already know you will be glad you did!

To start, we want to define what we will be using the piece for primarily - flow or dabs. For dabs, we always suggest no more than one percolator to maintain the optimal flavor. Multiple percolators can make it difficult to drag, and prevent the big hit you are hoping for. Typically dag rigs are much smaller than flower bongs due to the amount of smoke that we get from each. 

For flower pieces, it really can come down to personal preference but here are a few things to think of while you are picking your queen. 

  1. What is the size of the piece? Bongs over 18” can become uncomfortable or difficult to hit due to the size.
  2. Glass is cleaner, but silicone is safer. I always recommend glass unless it will be used for travel.
  3. How many percolators do you want? A percolator is where the smoke is forced to filter through the water, creating bubbles and removing heavy minerals from the smoke. The more percolators you have, the cleaner the smoke will be, but the higher the price will be.
  4. What type of percolator do you want? Honeycombs tend to be the most popular, but with two or three on top of each other they can be quite difficult to keep clean. Ensure that your percolator resembles you, and that you will be happy to clean it.

Once you have these questions figured out you have a good foundation for what you are looking for in a smoking piece. It is time to look around! Browse through our products, and see if there is anything that catches your eye. If you have absolutely any questions we are always just a click or call away to help out! 

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