What is a Hemp Wick and How to Use It


Hemp, also known as cannabis sativa, was originally discovered in Central Asia millions of years ago. It was normally used as a source of clothing, food, medicine, pottery, and even as construction material. The hemp plant is also useful for smoking to produce therapeutic benefits such as relaxation and relieving insomnia and anxiety. 

There are so many types of hemp products on the market that are considered valuable and essential. One interesting product that we’re going to discuss today is hemp wick. 

What is a Hemp Wick?

A hemp wick is a length of twine that is crafted from naturally spun hemp fibers, which are then coated in beeswax. By adding beeswax, the hemp wick is easier to burn at a slower and steadier rate. Hemp wicks are also preferred by many cannabis smokers because they burn cleaner and emit fewer carbon emissions in contrast to traditional lighters which are more harmful and toxic. Using hemp wicks instead of butane lighters or matches gives smokers the advantage of having a more flavorful smoking experience.

How to Use Hemp Wick

If you’re not familiar with hemp wicks, you might be curious to learn a few practical ways that you can use them for your smoking sessions. Keep these tips in mind when you’re in the mood for natural smoking. 

Unravel the Twine

Slowly unwrap a part of your raw hemp wick bundle, leaving one end sticking out to ignite. Be careful that you don’t unravel too much or the entire length of your hemp twine, which could cause problems when you’re trying to smoke. Consider using hemp wicks that are bundled up to 420 feet in length. You will also find hemp twines in different diameters. For example, you may get a slower and larger flame from a thicker twine. 

Light the Wick

Ignite the tip of the hemp wick with a lighter and wait for an even flame. You must be aware that the butane flame only burns a part of the exposed hemp wick, which leaves behind the rest of the hemp wick that’s free from chemicals. 

Light the Cannabis

Once you have the flame you desire, you can then light up your cannabis using the raw hemp wick. Hemp wicks are easy to use, so you can simply light your pipe or bong for your smoking. When you’re done with the twine, ensure that the tip is properly extinguished before you fold it back into the bundle.

It’s More Beneficial for the Environment!

When you’re in need of a long, all-natural smoking session, you can rely on wax-coated hemp wicks. This is the best eco-friendly alternative that you can use to get the convenience that you need from your smoking. Hemp wicks are more popular than ever, so you can jump on the bandwagon to join the list of other satisfied users.

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