What Can be Added to Make Smoking More Enjoyable?

When it comes to smoking cannabis, there aren’t any strenuous requirements or complex procedures you must follow to enjoy it. There are still several smoking accessories that will help enhance your experience with that in mind. Keep reading to learn about the best accessories to have on hand for smoking cannabis. 


Having a grinder is a must if you want to improve your smoking experience. Essentially, this is a small metal canister that has “teeth” inside. You put your cannabis inside, twist it, and it grinds the flower. When you grind the bud, you create more surface area to burn and a stronger high

Rolling Machine

Even though you can find pre-rolls, there is something special about rolling your own joints. Purchasing a rolling machine will help you consistently and easily roll an even joint. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to roll joints for the first time ever or if you are an expert. Having a rolling machine will be beneficial every time you want to smoke. 

Rolling Papers 

If you want to roll your own joints, buying some rolling papers is necessary. You can find all types to try, and most are affordable and will pair well with any strain you choose. 

Odor Proof Bags

If you smoke, you know how strong the scent of cannabis is. If you attempt to hide it, you know this is a challenging task. The pungent aroma of cannabis is especially problematic if you are in public. The good news is you can find several types of odor-proof bags that make taking weed from place to place simple. 

Small One-Hit Container

Do you want to avoid carrying around a large bag for transporting your weed? If so, a one-hit container is a smart option. These are usually small wooden boxes that provide enough room for a single joint and lighter. Usually, they are made with a sliding lid and look like a cigarette box. 

Storage Containers 

While carrying your items with you is important, you also need quality storage containers to use at home. These are designed to help keep your cannabis fresh. One option is a Ball Mason Jar. However, you can also find specialty containers for your cannabis too. 

Cleaning Solution for Glass Pieces

If you use a glass bong or pipe, you need to clean it regularly. You can create your own cleaning solution using salt and rubbing alcohol. However, if you use your glass pieces a lot, you can purchase a cleaner made for this specifically. It’s a good idea to keep this cleaner on hand to ensure your glass components remain clean and ready to use. 

Shop from a Quality Supplier

When you are ready to purchase the accessories listed here, make sure you buy from a quality supplier. They will ensure you get the quality items you want to enhance and improve your smoking experience. Each of the items on this list will help improve your experience in some way.

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