Three Great Small Accessories from CanaBliss Vape Co.

We have the best supply of CCELL cartridges around, but we also have a lot more for your cannabis enjoyment.

Here are some of our best selling items that are getting a lot of attention right now as we head into spring.

Silicone Ashtray

Don't sit around using old pieces of metal cans or plastic bottles anymore.

Instead, you can take our portable silicone ashtray everywhere you go, and cash your ashes in style. It's just one part of the big catalog that we offer to our cannabis aficionados for convenience and a handy routine. 

Plastic Grinder

If you've ever tried breaking up your sticky icky by hand, you'll want to invest in one of our high-quality plastic grinders in attractive colors. For just $6.99 you get a very useful small packing grinder to get loose-leaf sufficiently loose. This also packs away nicely and makes you less ratchet about your smoke – and more of a consummately stylish individual. 

Butane torch

Our dab butane torch is also a big seller for those who want to heat their banger or nails.

Here again, this kind of accessory represents a major improvement from the primitive methods that many of us used in the old days. Sure, you can release smoke under heat with kitchen knives or what have you, but dabbing really is a technique that requires precision and sophistication. When you read about this method online, you'll see why it pays to have the right gear and approach this process in the right way. For one thing – using whatever you have on hand can be unhealthy! Using a butane torch like this is also really convenient. 

In addition to these three great accessories, we have all sorts of gear and equipment made to handle sticky and heavy oils and promote a great experience for your cannabis regimen. Take a look and bookmark us to get all of your neat cannabis gear for the road. Cartridges, screens, bags, banger gear – we have it all! Our mission is to help to properly outfit our users with the equipment that will enhance their regular cannabis use. Read more on our web site about why cannabis is so much in style right now – the health benefits, the path toward legalization, and more. We want to be a part of your community’s “cannabis culture” and an advocate for healthy and enjoyable vaping and more.
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