Smoking 101: Bubblers Vs. Pipes

Cannabis can be consumed in various methods; the versatility of how this plant is utilized is why it is attractive to so many people. Two common ways to receive the calming benefits of cannabis are through devices called "bubblers" and pipes. Let's look at how bubblers work and how their delivery of cannabis differs from that of a pipe as we dive into Smoking 101: Bubblers Vs. Pipes.

Bubbler Basics

As the mini-me of bongs, bubblers deliver a smooth hit of cannabis. Bubblers cool smoke through water before it is inhaled, offering many people an approachable, clean, and filtered form of consumption. Since bubblers are smaller in size than traditional bongs, set up and use are simple and easily transported. 

Styles Of Bubblers

Bubblers are designed in two main styles: the classic bubbler and the spoon bubbler. 

* Classic bubblers stand upright with a bowl just above the water chamber. Classic style bubblers have a more traditional look and feel, delivering a smooth smoke. 

* Spoon bubblers are slightly larger than a standard spoon pipe containing a horizontal water chamber. Spoon bubblers are very easy to carry around and transport. 

Bubblers Vs. Pipes

Bubblers and pipes offer very different smoking experiences. Comparing the two devices means comparing the experiences of smoking wet and dry cannabis. While pipes are arguably easier to clean and carry than bubblers, they do not cool the smoke before entering your lungs. Bubblers cool the smoke as you inhale, lessening its impact on your body. The two devices provide very different smoking experiences.

How To Use A Bubbler

Using a bubbler is a simple process that requires only a few steps:

1) Fill the water chamber with cold water to the level desired.

2) Make sure the bowl is dry.

3) Pack the herbs into the bowl.

4) Spark the bubbler, and inhale from the chamber. 

Advantages Of Using A Bubbler

Bubblers are popular as their many advantages appeal to a wide range of people. 

* Portable way for people to enjoy smoking bongs.

* Smooth hits and more fantastic smoke.

* No after-taste.

* Made in many styles for smoking pleasure.

* Provide a combination of a bong smoking experience and the size of a glass pipe for convenience. 

* Emit no fumes when heated.

Where To Find High-Quality Bubblers

For the best smoking experience, you'll need bubblers made of high quality. Shop only from a professionally curated smoke shop that supplies top-shelf smoking products. 

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