Pipes, Bongs, Dabs and Vapes – Oh My!


For people who are new to the wild and woolly world of cannabis, it can be a bit confusing. Not too many years ago, this was mainly all just a fringe movement of strange geeks who insisted on using substances that were connected to a type of plant labelled a prohibited drug.

 Now, with recreational and medical cannabis becoming more legal and more regulated, you have all of these new options on smoking or using cannabis. 

 So here's a question: what are you going to smoke out of?

 Traditional Pipes and Bongs

 Most people are familiar with a traditional glass or metal pipe that simply has an intake and outtake. Then you have your bongs, including your water bongs where water filters some of the more hazardous elements of the smoke. These are available in all shapes and sizes – and different users have their own preferences. Some like a giant bong three feet long. Others feel that’s excessive. 

 But these aren't the only choices that you have anymore.


 Some young people like to talk about honey and shatter and all that kind of stuff, and other people just don't know what they're talking about. These substances are new, and they are obscure. A great number of people just don’t know what they are. 

 Essentially, using a more concentrated dab structure gives you a more intense high. That's something that someone may or may not want, according to their personal situation. It's not really a common type of cannabis equipment in terms of the average consumer. But it is something that’s selling, as we can testify too, and more people are finding out about all of the options at their disposal. 

 Vape and Pens

 There's also two different kinds of vaping. There's vaping an oil, which often comes prepackaged and then there is vaping a dry herb. 

 To put it simply, these two different types of vaping each have their own very complex rules and practices.

 Do you need to know about all of this to really make a comprehensive decision?

 It really is a lot to take in. We’re dedicated to helping through an e-commerce store that helps people to really understand the whole context of these types of products, to save money, and to get just what is best for them each as people. So take advantage of the resources that we offer online, and get set up for your perfect cannabis routine. 


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