Everything You Need To Know About Dabs

Everything You Need To Know About Dabs

It's cool that we’re writing an article called “everything you need to know about dabs,” because a lot of people really know nothing about dabs.

Isn't that the weird dance where you put your arms up diagonally?

That's not the kind of dabs that we’re talking about. We sell dab rigs and dab gear that help you to take a brand-new approach to dabbing, simply speaking. We think the dab rig is a smashing success!

Here are some of the things you probably should know before you start.

It’s Strong

One thing to know about dabs is that dabbing is much stronger than using dry herb. Some estimate that the average dab is four times stronger, but it could actually be more according to what type of dab you're using.

So factor that into your recipe, or else you might just end up going off into Lala land. This is not your grandpa’s cannabis habit! If he ever had one. This is a new type of way to use a condensed cannabis that packs a punch. Think of it as like doing a reduction for a sauce. The dab resin is compacted and powerful, more powerful than the shake which one used to stuff a bong back in the dim days of the 1980s.

Watch Out for Contaminants

Because this stuff is reduced through an engineered process, there can be issues with contaminants. That's why it's important to research where you're getting dab resin and read up and ask questions on the process of manufacturing and how it gets to you.

You Can Clean The Rig

You can clean the apparatus with water or with isopropyl alcohol. What? Why? Well, like any other kind of sticky resin, the dab resin can get stuck in the interior of your vessel, and then you’ll need to swab it out.

Store Well

Ideally, you will be storing dab resin in a temperature-controlled, dark environment in a sealed container. Ideally, also, you won’t be actually storing it forever. Use it and get some more.

That’s a little bit about the art of the dab.

Take a look at the entire catalog and think about how to improve your cannabis routine with dabbing gear that is created according to the best standards and made to work well for you. Or check out our delta products, or anything else that we keep on hand to help you to optimize your routine from a well-stocked ecommerce shop that cares.

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