Enhance Your Smoking Experience With Added Natural Flavors

For thousands of years, people worldwide have combined the flavors of dried natural herbs, oils, and juices to enhance their recreational, medicinal, and ceremonial smoking experiences. While herbal mixtures can be smoked as an alternative to nicotine and THC-rich smoking blends, they can also enrich them.

Let's take a look at the most common ways you can add natural flavors to your smoking blends to boost your enjoyment

Crafted Herbal Blends

When crafting herbal blends to enhance your nicotine or THC smoking experience, you must consider basic herbs, supportive herbs, and flavoring herbs. Basic herbs serve as a cushion for the other spices as they tend to be light and fluffy in taste. Supportive herbs are typically more potent than basic herbs and aid in stabilizing the mind and body. Flavoring herbs spark the taste buds and improve the flavor of the smoke and its aftertaste. 

Refreshing Flavorful Herbs

Some herbs are known for their refreshing flavor profiles that invigorate the palate when added to a smoking mixture. Mint is the most common herb to add flavor as it boasts a refreshing menthol taste. Almost any mint can be smoked, including the popular peppermint and spearmint herbs. 

For a potent mint flavor, roughly 40% of your smoking mixture should consist of mint, reducing this amount when incorporating multiple flavorful herbs into your mix. Not only will mint refresh your smoking experience, but it also increases blood flow and relaxes the nervous system, providing an overall positive effect on your mood. 

Relaxing Flavorful Herbs

Lavender is revered for its rich, aromatic flavor and its relaxing, pain-relieving qualities. Lavender's flavor is floral and sweet, and its aroma is calming and pleasing. The dried flowers of the lavender plant can be added to smoking mixtures in moderation as the flavor is strong when smoked if more than 15% of the blend consists of the herb. As an essential oil, Lavender is an excellent addition to vape and e-cigarette mixtures. Since cannabis and Lavender are rich in linalool, the plants pair nicely in a smoking mixture. 

Reactive Flavorful Herbs

Lemon balm used in an oil or dried form offers a refreshing, pleasant herbal flavor similar to lemon or citronella. Known to elevate blood circulation issues and headaches, Lemon Balm is a supportive herb that can make up 40% of a smoking blend. When smoked, Lemon Balm causes lightheadedness, sleepiness, and relaxation due to its trace amounts of harmine. The harmine in Lemon Balm offers a short-lived psychoactive effect paired well with a wide range of other herbs or cannabis to generate a mood-boosting mixture. 

Final Thoughts

Whether herbs are used in oil or dried forms, they can be flavorful and beneficial additions to your smoking experience. 

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