4 Ways to Take Care of Your Vape Pen

4 Ways to Take Care of Your Vape Pen

If you have recently bought a vape pen for the first time, or you are considering one, you will want to know how to take care of your vape pen. With these easy-to-follow steps, you will be able to enjoy your vaping pen for many years.

Store your vape pen properly.

Keep your vape pen in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing your pen in the car or anywhere that gets a lot of sunlight. The best way to store your vape pen is by unscrewing the cartridge from the battery to avoid any leaking or breaking. When you store the cartridge, make sure you position it in an upright position with the mouthpiece facing down. Also, be sure to keep your carrying case handy. You don't want to store your vaping pen in your pocket or purse because you run the risk of losing or damaging it.

Clean your vaping pen.

After vaping for a while, you may notice there is a sticky residue building up in the cartridge. That residue should be removed. So, you'll want to clean it regularly. To properly clean your vaping pen, get a cotton swab and dip it in alcohol and wipe inside of the pen, which will get rid of any build-up as well as any germs that are on the mouthpiece. If you don't take precautions about cleaning your vaping pen, you run the risk of exposing yourself to any health issues. Plus, keeping your vape pen clean also gives you a more potent high.

Take extra care of your battery.

Your vape pen's battery is used to power the heating coil in the oil cartridge. Keep your battery away from any heat or moisture. If you have any indication that your battery is compromised in some way, avoid using it. Your vape pen may offer you the ability to adjust how much power is being sent out, but keep it at a reduced voltage. You may want to get more vapor in each drag, but by doing that, you run the risk of overheating the battery.

Get a case for your vape pen.

One of the best ways you can keep your vape pen safe is by storing it in a case. A case is helpful to avoid any external damage coming to your vape pen and also keeps it away from any direct sunlight. There are many durable cases out there, so get one that is suitable for you and one you will not forget.

Taking care of your vaporizer products is essential for long-term use. Contact CannaBliss Vape Co.if you have any vaping or cannabis-related questions.

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